What Is A Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM License?

What is a Lil Reading LicenseWith a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM License, you have the freedom to run YOUR own business YOUR own way. You can devise your own policies, create your own schedule, and utilize your own creativity to personalize YOUR own business structure. AND, with a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM License, you never have to pay royalties. Lil’ Reading Scientists’ is NOT a franchise. Our goal is to enable you to make a difference for young children in your community by teaching and improving children’s literacy skills through Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM Curriculum.

A Lil' Reading Scientists' TM Structured Literacy Curriculum License allows you to:

A)Become trained and certified in the Lil' Reading Scientists TM Curriculum
B)Utilize the Lil' Reading Scientists TM curriculum to teach students who contract with you through your own business
C)Utilize the Lil' Reading Scientists TM Trademarks to advertise your offering of the Lil' Reading Scientists' TM Curriculum*
D)Start and run your own business with very little overhead
E)Help students in your community by giving the gift of literacy!

*Guidelines for use of the Lil' Reading Scientists TM are outlined in the Licensing Agreement.

There are two options for becoming a Lil' Reading Scientists' Licensed Provider:
1)Purchase a Lil' Reading Scientists' TM License for a one-time fee
2)Sign up for a Lil' Reading Scientists' TM Subscription (12 Month Contract with Monthly Payments)

Help Hundreds of Children or just a Few...Every Year!

With a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM License, you can help HUNDREDS of children every year….or just a few. Our Center serves, on average, 75-115 children per semester, with three semesters per year. Provide one-to-one reading therapy with your purchase of a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ ONE-PACK License, and focus on a few students a week, or open a full scale literacy center with a NINE-PACK LICENSE and hire qualified staff to help you serve many students in their quest for a solid literacy foundation. What a rewarding way to contribute to your community!

The Supplemental Education Business is Thriving!

Did you know that the supplemental education business is now a $5 billion dollar industry, and one that has grown ten times as large as it was in 2001? (Michael Sandler, Eduventures Corporation). Even in a slow economy, parents continue to seek supplemental education for their children, to give them an edge in school and in life. With a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM License, you can enter this booming child enrichment market now and offer the most valuable foundation to young children: The Gift of Literacy!

“As the work world gets more competitive, parents put a higher premium on education, and the tutoring business continues to grow”.
Tracy Stapp, Entrepreneur Magazine – December, 2010