Teacher Testimonials


Teachers Love Lil' Reading Scientists! TM


“It is such a great feeling, as a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ Instructor, to compare the Pre-tests and the Post-tests at the end of the semester to see how much the children have learned!”
- Pam Petrillo, Lil’ Reading Scientists’ Instructor

Lil’ Reading Scientists is a great phonetic and rule-based reading program! The program itself is based in the principles of the Orton-Gillingham Method, which ensures that the lessons are interactive and multisensory for the students. Lil’ Reading Scientists’ curriculum is well organized, and it is easy to transition from one Level to the next. As students move ahead in the Levels, they are constantly building upon previously taught information, which helps them to build self-confidence. I like the focus on review, as students with reading issues need to be continually seeing and discussing what they have learned to date. I find that the students are very proud of their work and their Student Notebook. The program is designed so that the Instructor is able to constantly evaluate each individual student’s progress, even in the context of a small group class setting. I have seen great results with the Lil’ Reading Scientists’ curriculum, for my regularly developing students, as well as for my students with special needs. The best part of teaching with the Lil’ Reading Scientists’ curriculum is the positive and enthusiastic feedback that I receive from the parents and the children as the students move ahead.”
- Alison DeNero, M.Ed., Assistant Director, Lil’ Reading Scientists

Lil’ Reading Scientists is a fabulous phonetic-based multisensory reading program! I love it because it incorporates both reading and writing instruction, along with decodable stories and comprehension questions. It is extremely easy to use, as the lessons are presented in a precise, organized way. The students are excited because they know that they are improving in their reading skills. Teachers can easily measure progress of their students, with the LRS Assessment Tool Kit. Lil’ Reading Scientists’ curriculum can be successfully used with students of all skill levels and is equally effective with both regular and special education students. But the most wonderful part of teaching LRS is the smiles on the students’ faces as they realize they are reading and enjoying it!”
- Ellen LaMarca, Lil' Reading Scientists' Instructor