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The Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM Structured Literacy Curriculum HARD GOODS Kit is the perfect solution for tutors, homeschooling parents, resource room teachers, speech and language professionals, and any teacher who is planning on teaching the full range of the literacy skills continuum. The Lil' Reading Scientists' HARD GOODS fit nicely into the Teacher Tote Bag, and create a portable arsenal of multi-sensory materials, for illustrating the complexities of the English language in a visual manner that even young children can understand! Use the Lil' Reading Scientists' HARD GOODS Materials with the Lil' Reading Scientists' DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, for a perfectly integrated and seamless literacy curriculum.

Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM curriculum is a comprehensive literacy curriculum for all types of learners, from pre-readers to disordered readers. Structured literacy instruction (the Orton Gillingham Approach) is the State-of-the-Art, research-based literacy curriculum, and is appropriate for pre-readers, beginning readers, at-risk readers, delayed readers, and disordered/disabled readers, and even for readers who are advanced or gifted and need enrichment. The curriculum encompasses developmentally appropriate literacy instruction for children from age 3 through grade 3, and for older students who are disordered readers.

The curriculum spans many levels of foundational literacy instruction, beginning with oral language development and pre-reading skills, alphabet learning, and phonemic awareness skills in Tiers 1 and 2; transition reading exercises for children who are in kindergarten but not quite ready for formal reading instruction in Tier 3, and Beginning Reading/Writing/Spelling acquisition in Tier 4; Intermediate Reading/Writing/Spelling skills in Tier 5; and Advanced Reading/Writing/Spelling skills in Tier 6.

Students learn foundational reading skills, learn to segment words into phonemes, syllabicate words, practice fine motor and handwriting skills, gain phonemic awareness and rapid automatic naming skills, practice writing composition, gain new vocabulary, and improve reading comprehension and fluency in every Tier.

The Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM Structured Literacy Curriculum is based on the principles of the Orton Gillingham Approach, which include: explicit teaching, systematic/sequential/cumulative scope and sequence, diagnostic teaching, multisensory curriculum, and practice to mastery,

The Complete Set of HARD GOODS Materials (Tiers 1-6) contains multi-sensory hard goods for the following Tiers:

  • Tier 1: Pre-Reading
  • Tier 2: Alphabet Learning
  • Tier 3: Transition Reading
  • Tier 4: Beginning Reading
  • Tier 5: Intermediate Reading
  • Tier 6: Advanced Reading

The Complete HARD GOODS Materials Kit includes the following components:

(1 board) Word Building Spelling Board # 1 with A-Z 3-D Foam Letters (red consonants/blue vowels), with 2 adhesive overlays for letter placement, sounding out words, and word building (for Levels 2-6 of the Lil' Reading Scientists TM curriculum)

(2 boards) Word Building Spelling Boards # 1 & 2 with two adhesive overlays for letter tile placement, and magnetic letter tiles including: Chunks (am, an, ang, ank, ing, ink, ong, onk, ung, unk); the suffixes 's', 'ing', and 'ed'; the long vowels a, e, i, o, u, and silent e; the Floss Rule letters ll, ss, and ff; the Name and Nickname tiles to mark long and short vowels (for Lil' Reading Scientists TM Levels 7-13)

(2 boards) Word Building Boards # 3 and # 4 with color coded magnetic letter tiles A-Z; Floss Rule letter tiles; Digraph letter tiles; Chunk letter tiles; Bossy R letter tiles; Prefix letter tiles; Long Vowel letter tiles; Vowel Teams letter tiles; Soft Sounds C & G letter tiles; Suffix letter tiles; Syllable Rules tiles; the Syllable Types marking tiles (for Lil' Reading Scientists TM Levels 14-16)

(1) White Board with Marker and Eraser

(1) Phoneme Sequence Board (for sounding out words for reading and spelling)

(1) Sand Box with colored sand

(1) Set of Rhythm Sticks, for Rapid Automatic Naming Exercises

(1) Set of Game Pieces (2 Pawns, one Large Dice)

(1) Set of Tactile Letters A-Z

(1) Set of Magnetic Numbers 1-4 (for dividing syllables, and for counting in Tier 1: Pre-Reading)

(1) Set of Alphabet Objects (for Tier 2: Alphabet Learning, and for Phonemic Awareness and Rapid Automatic Naming activities)

(1) Magic Wand (for blending sounds into words)

(1) Set of Color Coded Sound Blocks (for word building with blocks, and to represent sounds in words)

(1) Small Card Holder (for Word Building with the Small Cards)

(1) Teacher Tote Bag