Parent Testimonials!

Parent Reviews"Your reading program has helped Grant to become more excited about learning the alphabet and starting to read. All summer he would show off to his family and friends what he knows from the program; it is a great enhancement to children's educational development".
- Amy Cha Fong, Parent

"My three boys were enrolled in your program this summer. They all entered the program at various levels and with various needs. My expectations for what they learned this summer were exceeded. The teachers did a fantastic job assessing the boys' levels and targeting the program to their individual needs. The teachers specifically honed in on areas where my kids were struggling and or needed to be challenged. I feel that my children are very prepared for First Grade and Kindergarten".
- Bevin A. Tierney, Parent

"Your reading program is incredible. Bobby is in the top reading group at The Peck School for his grade. He is a voracious reader, taking down a chapter book in 3 or 4 days. At night, if he can't sleep, he turns on his reading light and takes in another chapter or two. What a gift! What a jump in school! What a jump on life!"
- Robin Metz, Parent

"Matthew is reading up a storm now, and I feel that your program gave him the push he needed".
- Laura O'Hara, Parent

"Miss Jenelle, Thank you for helping me learn to read".
- Pat (Student)

"We think your reading program is fantastic. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to participate in it. The kids had a lot of fun while learning how to read".
- Heather Agriogianis (Parent)

“My child was two years behind in reading skills and really disliked going to school. Through individual reading therapy with the Lil’ Reading Scientists’ curriculum, he has made progress in leaps and bounds! He now likes going to school and has gained a lot of self-confidence. I will be forever grateful to his Instructor!”.
- Jenny Collins, parent

“My daughter, Sara, was struggling with the beginning reading process in first grade, and I felt that I could not help her. I enrolled her at Lil’ Reading Scientists and her skills and her confidence just blossomed. She is now reading on grade level, and actually enjoys reading for pleasure! I could not be happier!
- Jane Billings, parent