• Pre-Reading Box

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    The Pre-Reading Box, from Lil' Reading Scientists TM, is a fun and exciting way to prepare children for formal reading instruction. Before children are ready for formal reading instruction, research has demonstrated that children need to master several important prerequisite reading skills, including phonological and phonemic awareness skills. Phonological awareness is the understanding that language can be broken down into individual words and syllables. Phonemic awareness is the understanding that words and syllables can be broken down into individual sounds.

    The Pre-Reading Box focuses on these critical Pre-Reading skills, through hands-on activities to engage your child.

    To test your child's phonological and phonemic awareness skills, download our FREE SCREENING materials on our home page, and administer the screening to your child. If your child scores above 90%, your child can begin formal reading instruction in our Beginning Reading Subscription Box. If your child scores below 90% on the screening, he or she should develop these skills through our Pre-Reading Box.

    Also, make sure that your child knows the correct alphabet names and sounds. Our FREE SCREENING also tests your child's knowledge of the alphabet letter names and sounds. If your child needs to learn the correct alphabet sounds and letter names, see our Alphabet Subscription Box!

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