• Phonemic Awareness Box

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    The Phonological/Phonemic Awareness Box: $40.00 plus $12.00 shipping (Ages 4-8 Years Old)

    Children need to understand how oral language works before they are ready for formal reading instruction. These pre-requisite skills are called Phonological Awareness skills. Phonological awareness instruction includes rhyming, counting words in sentences, counting syllables in words, counting sounds in words, omitting syllables in words, identifying initial and final sounds in words, and substituting, manipulating, and omitting sounds in words. Phonological awareness is the label for these big picture oral language skills. Phonemic awareness skills are the skills that specifically relate to the alphabet sounds. Phonological and phonemic awareness skills are not taught with alphabet letters. Once alphabet letters are introduced, the instruction becomes phonics instruction


    The Phonological/Phonemic Awareness Box includes some printed materials, a flash drive with the entire collection of Lil’ Reading Scientists TM Phonological Awareness Printable Kits including a board game, and some hard good materials and important school supplies.

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