• Chunks (-ng and -nk Endings) Student Box (Level 9)

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    Lil’ Reading Scientists TM Leveled Reading Curriculum Boxes: $35.00 plus $12.00 shipping (Ages 4-10)

    If you’d like to purchase a Box containing the specific Level that your child is working on, this is the Box for you! The Lil’ Reading Scientists TM Orton Gillingham Curriculum contains 16 Levels of progression. Just choose your child’s current Level and purchase that Box. Children focus on word building, decoding of decodable words, sentences, and passages, reading comprehension at that level, sight word reading, nonsense word reading for extra decoding practice, handwriting, and writing skills. Each Box contains hard goods materials with a word building board and letters, a white board/clip board and marker, various other hard goods pertaining to the specific Level, and a flash drive with the following digital printable Kits from Lil’ Reading Scientists TM: (1) Word Building/Spelling Kit, (2) Decoding Reading Kit, and (3) Writing Kit. The LRS Levels are organized as follows:


    Level 2: Short A CVC, ‘an’ and ‘am’ chunks (cat, ham)

    Level 3: Short I CVC (pit, rig)

    Level 4: Short O CVC (dog, hot)

    Level 5: Short E CVC (bed, den)

    Level 6: Short U CVC (bug, gum)

    Level 7: Floss Rule (hill, kiss)

    Level 8: Digraphs (cash, lick)

    Level 9: Chunks – ng and nk endings (hung, tank)

    Level 10: Blends (stop, vest)

    Level 11: Long Vowels VCE (bike, game)

    Level 12: Compound Words (laptop, bathrobe)

    Level 13: Two Syllable Words (kitten, dentist)

    Level 14: Bossy R (car, her)

    Level 15: Vowel Teams (boat, steak)

    Level 16: Open Syllables (today) and CLE Syllables (table)

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