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    The Beginning Reading Subscription Box makes reading learning to read a joyous event! Each Box is filled with fun and exciting activities which lay the foundation for literacy acquisition. Based on The Orton Gillingham Approach to reading instruction, the lessons are explicit, structured, systematic, multisensory and multimodal, and contain ongoing diagnostic feedback.

    The Scope and Sequence of the Beginning Reading Subscription Box includes learning to decode (sound out) and encode (spell) three letter, short vowel words - individually, in phrase and sentence format, and eventually, in short story format. Select sight words are added in, to round out your child's reading repertoire.

    Children who are strong decoders are strong readers. The skill of decoding is far superior to just memorization of words! Teach your child how to transform letters into sounds and sounds into words, and he or she can sound out any word! The human brain is not capable of memorizing all of the words in the English language. Unfortunately, memorization is how schools today teach children to read. The Orton Gillingham Approach is a scientific, research based method of teaching reading, backed by thousands of scientific studies, and decades of success. It is the ideal type of reading instruction for dyslexics and also for beginning readers.

    The Beginning Reading Subscription Box is a 7 month subscription which covers all five vowels, including decoding skills, encoding skills, writing and handwriting practice, and the underlying foundational skills of literacy, known as phonological and phonemic awareness skills.

    Billing is automatic for the 7 month period, however, you may cancel by the 11th of any month, to terminate your subscription and not receive any more shipments. To cancel your subscription, send us an email at, by 12:00 AM on the 11th of any month.

    Boxes shop between the 4th and the 6th each month.

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