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All Parents want their children to be strong readers. But in order to become strong readers, children need to master many foundational skills that tie into expected developmental milestones for literacy. The crucial time period for development of these skills occurs between birth and eight years old. Oral language development, phonemic awareness, letter/sound learning, fine motor skills, and beginning decoding and encoding skills create the platform for emerging decoding, encoding, comprehension, fluency, and writing proficiency later in life.

Thus, it is critical to create a solid literacy foundation for all children during the preschool and early elementary years, and to provide intervention as early as possible for children who fail to master the literacy milestones on schedule.

More than 88% of children who have difficulty reading at the end of first grade continue to have trouble at the end of the fourth grade (Juel, 1988). What can be done to reach children before they experience failure in the first grade? How can children who have missed early literacy milestones get back on track?

Unfortunately, many children today are missing crucial foundational skills for literacy development, and a faulty foundation affects their later reading ability. Did you know that the National Assesment of Educational Progress reported in 2014 that 34% of all American fourth grade children can't read at the proficient level in fourth grade?

Lil' Reading Scientists' ™ proprietary curriculum is based on the principles of Structured Literacy (the Orton Gillingham Method), and is chock-full of State -of-the-Art teaching techniques, exciting learning activities, creative literacy exercises, and highly effective educational materials.

Our enriched, one-of-a-kind literacy curriculum, developed and refined over many years, is structured around the Lil' Reading Scientists' ™ Five Part Lesson Plan: just choose one activity from each PART and you will have a fresh, unique targeted lesson plan every time!

The Lil' Reading Scientists' ™ curriculum is designed to build a solid literacy foundation for children ages 4 to 10 years old, and to teach the beginning and advanced reading, spelling, and writing processes. A variety of class levels are available, in addition to a format for one-on-one reading therapy. Children progress through each level at their own pace.

The content of each level is clearly defined, and provides prerequisite skills for the next level. Children are screened before each semester, using the Lil' Reading Scientists' Assessment Tool Kit, to determine class or Tier placement. Children are then post-tested after each semester, to determine progress.