Licensing Kit Contents

LRS Tier 1 Literacy Curriculum:
Teach phonemic awareness and rapid automatic naming skills through games, songs, and Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM specialized learning materials and techniques. Ages 3-4

LRS Tier 2 Literacy Curriculum:
Teach phonology (letter/sound knowledge) through the use of Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM specialized materials and techniques, featuring The American Manual Sign Language Alphabet and the LRS Phoneme Sequence Board. Ages 4-6

LRS Tier 3 Literacy Curriculum:
The Transition reading Curriculum introduces children to the concept of blending and encoding without the use of alphabet letters, to prepare them for the beginning reading process. Ages 4-7

LRS Tier 4 Literacy Curriculum:
The Beginning Reading Curriculum introduces children to blending, encoding, and decoding through the use of the Lil’ Reading Scientists’ Word Building Board, The American Manual Sign Alphabet, The LRS Phoneme Sequence Board, and the LRS proprietary Picture Prompts. Children are introduced to the short vowels and progress through the consonants with early word building in the closed syllable format. Ages 4-8

LRS Tier 5 Literacy Curriculum:
The Advanced Reading Curriculum introduces children to digraphs, chunks, blends, long vowels (the VCE syllable type), compound words, and multisyllable words. Two syllable rules are taught in this Tier. Ages 5-8

LRS Tier 6 Literacy Curriculum:
The Super Advanced Curriculum introduces students to Bossy R Syllable Type, The Double Vowel Syllable Type, the Open Syllable Type, and the CLE Syllable Type. Levels 14, 15, & 16 also introduce advanced suffixes, the soft sounds for g & c, advanced digraphs, trigraphs, three letter blends, and the vowel diphthong. Ages 7-12

LRS Literacy Curriculum Durable Materials and Consumables:
150 Sound-Symbol Alphabet Page Masters; 300 Word Building Masters; 26 Alphabet Dictionary Masters; LRS Five Part Lesson Plan Master; LRS Decodable Story Kit Masters; LRS Comprehension Masters; LRS Story Starter Masters; LRS Fine Motor Fun Masters; LRS Creative Writing/Spelling Journal Masters; 75 LRS Game Board Masters; LRS Literacy Songs; LRS Literature Links Masters; LRS Assessment Tool Kit Masters; LRS Magic Wands for Blending; LRS Phoneme Sequence Boards; LRS Instructor Tote Bag; 1 Set Tactile Letters; LRS Magnetic Foam Letters and laminated tiles for the Word Building Boards; and the LRS Beginning/Advanced and Super Advanced Word Building Boards (4).