3 Ways To Use Your License


#1: Open Your Own Literacy Center

With a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM NINE-PACK or a SIX-PACK License, you can hire teaching and/or administrative staff, open your own literacy center and serve hundreds of children per year.

#2: Seek Contracts in Preschools, Private Schools, Parochial Schools, After School Programs, and Community Centers

With a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM SIX-PACK License, you can seek contracts in Preschools, Private Schools and Parochial Schools, to teach after school classes and to provide on-site reading therapy to students who are struggling with reading skills and reading acquisition. You can also offer classes in Community Centers, and in established after-school centers.

#3: Provide One-to-One Reading Therapy in Your Home or in Students’ Homes

With a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM ONE-PACK License, you can provide remedial reading therapy in the comfort of your home, or in your students’ homes.

#4: Add the Lil' Reading Scientists' TM Literacy Curriculum to your existing program offerings
If you are the Director of a preschool, private school, after-school program, or other child-related community program, or if you are an occupational therapist or speech and language therapist, you can purchase a Lil' Reading Scientists' TM Curriculum License and add the benefits of a structured literacy program to your existing program offerings.