FastForWard Therapy

FastForWard TherapyLil’ Reading Scientists is a proud provider of The FastForWord Program by Scientific Learning! This program is available to students who have difficulty with listening accuracy, phonological awareness, language structures, or central auditory processing skills.

The computerized program engages students and holds their attention while improving processing efficiency, working memory, and attention span. Students exercise their working memory and strengthen their auditory and linguistic processing rates to distinguish sounds quickly, and to learn to discriminate between the individual phonemes in the English language.

Many students with reading difficulties also have problems with underlying language processing, making it difficult for them to process individual language sounds (phonemes), and also meaning through spoken language. Through work with the FastForWord Program, students gain sequencing skills, sound processing, language comprehension skills, and positive changes in brain function. Students with reading problems who also demonstrate difficulty with language processing can make large gains in their reading levels through the completion of the FastForWord program.

Students enrolled in FastForWord at Lil’ Reading Scientists receive a progress tracker, which monitors their individual progress. The program works by slowing down and amplifying specific hard to process sounds of the English language, so that the brain can become more efficient at processing. The FastForWord Program is backed by scientific research, and is only available through certified practitioners.