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Free Literacy Screenings!

Florida ServicesFree literacy screenings are offered to all children, ages 4-18 years old, by appointment. If you are concerned about your child’s reading, spelling, or writing skills, participation in the free screening will pinpoint the areas in which the child is struggling. A plan of remediation will then be suggested. To schedule a screening, please call 973-879-9598.

Full Reading Evaluations

A full reading evaluation, complete with a written report, is available at Lil’ Reading Scientists. The evaluation includes a thorough assessment of the student’s reading, spelling, and written language skills. The report details areas of need for remediation, and suggestions for remedial techniques that will meet the student’s individual learning and literacy profile. The cost for a full evaluation with accompanying report is $300.00. To schedule a full reading evaluation, please call 973-879-9598.

Individual Reading Remediation Therapy

Individual reading remediation therapy is available for any child who requires assistance with reading, writing, or spelling development. The Reading Specialist utilizes the Orton-Gillingham Method, which is a scientifically-based multisensory structured language remediation technique, supported by national and global research. Students attend once per week for one hour ($35.00 per session), or twice per week for 45 minute sessions ($30.00 per session), depending on need. To schedule reading remediation therapy, call 973-879-9598.