• Teacher Training Manual (Module 8) Part 5: Write (OG)

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    This download is the Teacher Training Manual for our Module 8 Training Course: Part 5: Write.

    Teachers, therapists, and homeschooling parents may purchase this Training Manual without taking the Training Course. This Teacher's Manual teaches teachers, therapists, and parents how to utilize the Lil' Reading Scientists TM Part 5: Write Materials to their fullest potential.

    The Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM Orton Gillingham Curriculum is taught through our proprietary FIVE PART LESSON PLAN. This Manual is for Part 5: Write, of the FIVE PART LESSON PLAN.

    This Manual covers the following information:

    Part 5: Write Materials Chart
    Overview of Part 5: Write
    Outline for Teaching Writing Skills
    Planning our Writing Form
    Descriptive Attributes Chart
    Instructions for LRS Writing Guide
    Writing Guide
    Writing Guide Form
    Instructions for Fine Motor Fun
    Instructions for LRS Handwriting Paper
    Instructions for the Alphabet Dictionary
    Instructions for Student Index Cards
    Instructions for Dictation
    Instructions for Daily Journals
    Instructions for Monthly Journals
    Instructions for LRS Writing Prompts
    Writing Prompt Worksheet
    Instructions for Vocabulary
    Instructions for Vocabulary Journal
    Brainstorming for Writing Ideas
    Writing Topics Form 1
    Writing Topics Form 2
    Writing Topics Form 3
    Teaching Children How to Write a Four Sentence Paragraph
    Paragraph Writing Form 1
    Paragraph Writing Form 2
    Paragraph Writing From 3
    Paragraph Writing From 4
    Writing a Fiction Story
    Inflection Sentences for Punctuation
    Instructions for LRS Thesaurus Worksheet
    Thesaurus Word Choices Form
    Instructions for Teaching the Five Paragraph Essay
    Parts of Speech Materials
    Parts of Speech Chart
    Instructions for Parts of Speech Board Game
    Instructions for Diagraming Sentences
    Diagraming Sentences Form
    Diagraming Sentences Cards

    The full Teacher Training Program for Lil' Reading Scientists TM consists of 10 Modules. Each Module includes:

    1 Teacher's Manual
    Training Videos
    1 Assignment
    1 Written Assessment
    1 Video Observation (in Training Modules 4, 5, 6.1, 6.2, 7, and 8)

    A Training Certificate is issued for each completed Module.

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