• Teacher Training Manual (Module 4) Part 1: Readiness

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    This download is the Teacher Training Manual for our Module 4 Training Course: Part 1: Readiness.

    Teachers, therapists, and homeschooling parents may purchase the Training Manual without taking the Training Course. This Teacher's Manual teaches teachers, therapists, and parents how to utilize the Lil' Reading Scientists TM Part 1: Readiness Materials to their fullest potential.

    The Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM Orton Gillingham Curriculum is taught through our proprietary FIVE PART LESSON PLAN. This Manual is for PART 1: Readiness, of the FIVE PART LESSON PLAN.

    This Manual covers the following information:

    Part 1: Readiness - Options
    Overview of Part 1: Readiness
    Instructions for the Phonemic Awareness Flip Chart Kits, Sets 1-5
    The Phonemic Awareness Flip Chart Question Prompts
    Instructions for Rapid Automatic Naming Exercises (RAN)
    Instructions for the Syllabication Kit: Counting Words
    Instructions for the Syllabication Kit: Counting Syllables
    Instructions for the Syllabication Kit; Counting Phonemes
    Instructions for Thematic Object Sets
    Instructions for Oral Language: Following Directions Kit
    Instructions for Oral Language: WH Questions Kit
    Instructions for Oral Language: Riddles
    Instructions for Oral Language: Give Me a Clue Game
    Instructions for Phonemic Awareness: Nursery Rhymes
    Instructions for Phonemic Awareness: Story Boards
    Instructions for Phonemic Awareness: Rhyming Kit

    The full Teacher Training Program for Lil' Reading Scientists TM consists of 10 Modules. Each Module Course includes:

    1 Teacher's Manual
    Training Videos
    1 Assignment
    1 Written Assessment
    1 Video Observation (in Training Modules 4, 5, 6.1, 6.2, 7, and 8)

    A Training Certificate is issued for each completed Module.

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