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    Did you know that Noah Webster created 6 Basic Syllable Types, and he created rules for consistent syllable division, when revising his 1806 Webster Dictionary? Approximately 90% of our English words can be classified into these 6 Syllable Types. He did this to help regulate the English language, and to help people know how to pronounce unknown words.

    The Orton Gillingham Approach to reading and spelling teaches the 6 Syllable Types to students, because this knowledge helps children (and adults) to read and spell unknown words.

    This Syllable Types Kit (Beginning through Advanced), by Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM, introduces the ALL 6 Syllable Types! (Lil' Reading Scientists' Levels 2-16).

    The Lil' Reading Scientists' Orton Gillingham-based curriculum is HIGHLY multisensory, providing students with reading difficulties, and also beginning readers, with visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile experiences during every lesson.

    This Kit includes:

    Syllable Type Posters, for classroom walls
    Syllable Type Cards (for marking syllables)
    Syllable Type Color-Coded Block Mats
    The Diagramming Words Master (for identifying letter/letter clusters and syllable types)
    Teacher Instructions

    This Kit can be used with the Lil' Reading Scientists' Color Coded Sound Blocks, which can be purchased on our website at Other tokens can be used instead of the blocks, such as bingo chips or colored squares of paper.

    The Teaching Syllable Types Kit dovetails perfectly with the other Lil' Reading Scientists' Kits, including

    The Levels 2-16 Word Building Kits
    The Levels 2-16 Decoding/Reading Kits
    The Levels 2-16 Writing Kits
    The Levels 2-16 Flip Charts

    This Kit also can be used with our other hands-on, hard goods materials, available on our website at including:

    Lil' Reading Scientists' Word Building Boards 1-4
    Lil' Reading Scientists' Phoneme Sequence Board
    Lil' Reading Scientists' Color Coded Sound Blocks
    Lil' Reading Scientists' Magic Wands

    The Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM curriculum is based on the Orton Gillingham Approach!

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