• Phonemic Awareness Set 4

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    The Phonemic Awareness Kit - Set 4, from Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM, is a collection of 36 colorful and vibrant picture prompts, for teaching, modeling, and practicing phonemic awareness and reading readiness skills. Teachers use one prompt per day, and interact with students to cover 14 literacy skills.

    The skills covered include: vocabulary, synonyms, attributes, segmenting syllables, syllable counting, 1:1 correspondence, initial and final sounds, rhyming, auditory word analysis, sound deletion, classification, association, omission of syllables and initial and final sounds, and expressive language skills.

    The three main categories covered in Set 4 are: Neighborhood Animals, Sea Animals, and Farm Animals.

    *Teachers can use the Color Coded Sound Blocks to demonstrate the concept of syllables, with this Kit. The Color Coded Sound Blocks can be purchased on this website, under Hard Goods: Individual Materials.

    The Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM curriculum is based on the principles of the Orton Gillingham Approach!

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