• Level 16 Decoding/Reading Kit (OG)

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    The Level 16 Decoding Reading Kit, from Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM, teaches the Open and the Consonant LE Syllable Types, and many other miscellaneous advanced skills for reading and spelling.

    Students read at the individual word level, the sentence level, and the passage level, while strengthening their skills with the syllable types and various other spelling concepts. Each of the 9 Decodable Story Kits has 5 different comprehension worksheets which also focus on decoding skills.

    This Kit includes:

    Level 16 Decodable Word Cards
    Level 16 Sight Word Cards
    Level 16 Decodable Words with Suffixes
    Level 16 Decodable Nonsense Words
    Level 16 Decodable Sentences
    Level 16 Decodable Story Kits with Comprehension Pages
    Level 16 Scope and Sequence
    Teacher Instructions

    This Level 16 Decoding/Reading Kit dovetails perfectly with the other Level 16 Kits from Lil' Reading Scientists, including:

    Level 16 Words Flip Chart
    Level 16 Picture Prompts Flip Chart (for Word Building)
    Level 16 Word Building/Spelling Kit
    Level 16 Creative Writing Kit

    *Teachers should use the following Lil' Reading Scientists' Hard Goods with this Kit:

    Lil' Reading Scientists' Phoneme Sequence Board (for sounding out words)
    Lil' Reading Scientists' Hard Goods can be purchased on this website, under Hard Goods: Individual Materials.

    The Lil' reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM curriculum is based on the principles of the Orton Gillingham Approach!

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