• Comprehension Kit 1 – Levels 2-13 (OG)

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    This Comprehension Kit 1, from Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM, teaches young children about comprehension concepts, and builds early skills for reading comprehension.

    Students focus on vocabulary as an important part of reading comprehension, as well as story elements (who, what, where, when, why, and how), story sequencing, story detail, characters, and conflict and resolution within a story line.

    This Kit also includes a Listening Comprehension component for Charlotte's Web. Since students of this age and grade level do not have the skills to read Charlotte's Web, the teacher reads the story to the class, and the class participates through various activities, to strengthen their listening comprehension and processing skills. The activities in this component are not Orton Gillingham based, and are included for enjoyment of literature, rather than the teaching of decoding and encoding skills.

    This Kit includes:

    Story Board
    Vocabulary Board
    Story Element Cards
    Charlotte's Web Lesson Plan for Listening Comprehension
    Teacher Instructions

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