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    This Blends (Set B) - Flip Chart, from Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM, makes teaching and learning literacy effortless and fun! Teachers use the Flip Chart to review previously taught words (decodable, nonsense, and sight words), teach word building skills, and provide students with the opportunity to practice at the individual word reading and decoding level. This Kit is part of the Lil' Reading Scientists' Level 10B Scope and Sequence.

    Teachers use their laptop, iPad, tablet, or classroom computer to flip through the word slides (Power Point), while students read to improve accuracy and speed. The Flip Chart can be used for small group and large group instruction, as well as one-to-one instruction.

    The Blends - Flip Chart - Set B contains:

    Level 10B: Blends Decodable Word Slides
    Level 10B: Blends Nonsense Word Slides
    Level 10B: Sight Words
    Level 10b: Blends Word Building Prompts

    The Level 10B: Blends Flip Chart dovetails perfectly with the other Lil' Reading Scientists' Level 10B Kits, including:

    Level 10B: Word Building/Spelling Kit
    Level 10B: Blends Writing Kit
    Level 10B: Blends Decoding/Reading Kit

    *Teachers should use the following Lil' reading Scientists TM Hard Goods with this Kit:

    Lil' Reading Scientists' Word building Boards # 1 and 2
    Lil' Reading Scientists' Phoneme Sequence Board
    Lil' Reading Scientists' Color-Coded Sound Blocks
    Lil' Reading Scientists' Magic Wands

    Lil' Reading Scientists TM Hard Goods can be purchased on this website, under Hard Goods: Individual Materials.

    The Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM curriculum is based on the principles of the Orton Gillingham Approach.

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