• Alphabet Keyword Flash Cards (Beginning-Advanced) (OG)

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    Students LOVE learning and reviewing the alphabet letter names, keywords, and sounds with our Alphabet Keyword Flash Cards!

    Students learn one keyword for each letter, to help them master the letter sounds.

    This Orton-Gillingham based Kit uses the power of keywords (that start with each letter's initial sound) to trigger students' memory for letter-sound correspondences.

    Teachers model the keyword phrases, saying the letter name first, and then the keyword, and then the letter sound (Ex: a alligator /a/). Then the students repeat them. Keywords are practiced daily for best results.

    Included in this Kit is a set of Alphabet Keyword Flash Cards with the American Manual Sign Language Hand Signs. Learning the hand signs helps students master the alphabet sounds exponentially. Hand signs provide a visual clue to the letter and sound, and a kinesthetic movement, making the process more multisensory. Students love to learn the hand signs, and to teach their siblings and parents how to make them, also!

    This Kit contains:

    1) Alphabet Keyword Flash cards A-Z, plus chunked 'am' and 'an'
    2) Alphabet Keyword Flash Cards with Hand Signs, A-Z, plus chunked 'am' and 'an'
    2) Alphabet Keyword Chart A-Z, plus chunked 'am' and 'an'
    3) Alphabet Keyword Overview Chart
    4) Teacher Instructions

    The Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM curriculum is based on the principles of the Orton Gillingham Approach!

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