• Combatting Comprehension

    Posted on May 5, 2014 by in Did You Know?

    From the LRS Story ‘Jon the Tot’

    From the LRS Story
    ‘Jon the Tot’

    1) For those whose reading comprehension difficulties stem from weaknesses in visualization, what fails to come to mind while reading are mental images, or what one sees with the mind’s eye. In some cases the mental images are pictorial, replete with objects, color, movement, and broad settings.”
    - Marion Sanders, Ed. D.

    2) For use of Think-Alouds:
    “While reading, teachers model their thinking by voicing all the things they are noticing, doing, seeing, feeling, and asking as they process the text. Students can then “borrow” the various strategies teachers use – and apply them in their own reading.”
    - Jeffery D. Wilhelm

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