Curriculum for Reading Therapy & Enrichment

Curriculum Descriptions:

teacher-kidsFree Reading Screenings are available to all children ages 4-18 years old through Lil' Reading Scientists, in the comfort of your own home. The screening helps to pinpoint the child's current level of literacy learning, and also outlines any area of difficulty that the child may be experiencing. Children are placed in the appropriate Lil' Reading Scientists' TM reading therapy tier, based on screening results.

Tier 1: Reading Readiness:

Children learn phonemic awareness skills such as rhyming, syllabication, initial and final sounds, and rapid automatic naming, to prepare for formal reading instruction. They learn the alphabet auditorily, and also work on developing oral language skills, listening skills, and following directions. Literature is enjoyed and then acted out through reader's theater. Fine motor is practiced through tracing, cutting, gluing, and fine motor exercises. Vocabulary development is interwoven into the curriculum throughout the semester. Ages: 3 years old

Tier 2: Alphabet Learning:

Children at this level focus on learning the alphabet letters and sounds through the American Manual Sign Language Alphabet, letter-sound keywords, songs, and games, in preparation for phonetic reading instruction. Phonemic awareness skills, such as rhyming and syllabication, are taught and students have plenty of practice with rapid automatic naming. Listening skills and following directions are practiced, as well as fine motor skills, including instruction on proper letter formation. New vocabulary is introduced, and children enjoy award-winning literature. Ages: 4, 5, & 6.

Tier 3: Transition Reading:

This tier of instruction is for children who know their alphabet letters and sounds, but are not quite ready for the beginning reading process. Children learn how to segment spoken words into individual sounds, and they learn how to sequence spoken sounds into words, using Lil' Reading Scientists' TM specialized materials and curriculum. Students practice blending and segmenting without alphabet letters until that MAGIC moment occurs when they are ready to begin using alphabet letters for reading and spelling. Ages: 3 1/2 - 5 years old.

Tier 4: Beginning Reading:

Children in this tier know the alphabet letters and sounds and are ready to learn to decode (read) and to encode (spell), blend, and manipulate letter sounds to begin the MAGIC process of phonetic reading! Children work at the word, phrase, sentence, and short passage levels in this class, while working their way through the five short vowels. Spelling and reading are reciprocally taught, as are handwriting and creative writing with each new word taught. Sight words and reading comprehension skills are introduced. Children re-enroll at this level until all of the five vowels have been mastered. Ages: 4 - 7 years old.

Tim and the Big Hit

Tim and the Big Hit

Tier 5: Advanced Reading:

Children in this tier have mastered beginning reading skills with the short vowels, and are ready to learn about twin letters, digraphs, chunks, blends, long vowels (VCE syllable type), and multisyllable words. The first two syllable division rules are taught, and children continue to progress with handwriting, writing composition, creative writing, reading comprehension, and reading fluency. Quality literature is explored in a variety of ways. Children re-enroll in this tier until all of the skills have been mastered. Ages 5 - 8 years old.

Tier 6: Remedial Reading/Literacy Instruction:

This tier focuses on intensive reading/literacy therapy. Students in this tier need intensive remediation, and they progress at their own pace. Instructors individualize the instruction for each student, and focus on mastery of content and development of self-confidence. Children enjoy the exciting curriculum, while making strides in reading and literacy skills. Ages: 4-15 years old.

All Tiers: Enrichment Literacy Tutoring or Mini Classes!

Children work one-on-one with a Certified Lil' Reading Scientists' TM Instructor, focusing on specific areas of need or enrichment. Ages: 4 - 18 years old.

All Tiers: Homework Help:

Children work one-on-one or two-on-one with a Certified Lil' Reading Scientists' Instructor on school assignments, writing assignments, and general homework, improving their skills in all academic areas. Ages: 6 - 18 years old.

Kindergarten Enrichment Curriculum: Individual Tutoring or Mini Classes!

Kindergarten enrichment at Lil' Reading Scientists TM is an exciting literacy laboratory wherein children literally 'discover the MAGIC of literacy!' We teach, review, and reinforce the alphabet and letter sounds daily, and then we teach children how to use the letters and sounds to read, spell, and write - through our specialized curriculum and programs: Bowling for Letters, Pen-Pal Buddies, Spelling Aprons, Journal Time, Literature Links, Story Starters, Handwriting Helpers, The American Manual Sign Language Alphabet, and Reader's Theater. Students enrolled in the LRS Kindergarten Enrichment Program follow the curriculum for Tier 2: Alphabet Learning, and Tier 4: Beginning Reading, as described above. Excitement abounds as students devour books, compose words and phrases and sentences, create their own stories, develop characters from award-winning literature, and engage in reading comprehension strategies that strengthen their literacy foundation for a lifetime! Enroll with a friend or neighbor in on of our popular MINI CLASSES!

Students in LRS Kindergarten Enrichment also work on basic mathematics skills, including addition and subtraction concepts, time, place value, counting coins, basic fractions, and word problems. Additionally, students are taught formal handwriting skills, and practice their fine motor skills.

Our Goal:

We Have One Goal in Mind: Building a Strong Literacy Foundation for YOUR Child. At Lil' Reading Scientists TM, each level of skill is taught to mastery, and thus, children do not move on until they have thoroughly mastered each level. The philosophy of teaching to mastery builds strong readers and creates a sense of pride and accomplishment in each child enrolled in our program!