Lil’ Reading Scientists 5 Part Lesson Plan

The entire Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM Orton Gillingham Curriculum is taught through our proprietary FIVE PART LESSON PLAN. The FIVE PARTS of the Lesson Plan include:

Part 1: Readiness

Part 2: Review

Part 3: Teach

Part 4: Read

Part 5: Write

Our FIVE PART LESSON PLAN is structured, yet flexible, so that within the framework of the lesson plan, teachers can personalize each lesson for every student, through the art and the science of diagnostic teaching.

In Part 1: Readiness, students work on phonemic awareness skills, rapid automatic naming, and oral language development.

In Part 2: Review, students review concepts and rules that have been previously taught in prior lesson. Through review, students solidify their understanding of the rules and concepts that they have learned, and then students are able to use that reinforced information to create a foundation for new concepts and rules.

In Part 3: Teach, students learn new information, as prescribed by our sequential and cumulative Scope and Sequence, following the principles of the Orton Gillingham Approach. Students are placed into Tiers, based on their assessment results, and they progress through the hierarchy of Tiers, including: Pre-Reading, Alphabet Learning, Transition Reading, Beginning Reading, Intermediate Reading, and Advanced Reading. Encoding, decoding, blending, the 6 Syllable Types, and the Syllable Division Rules provide the content for Part 3: Teach.

In Part 4: Read, students read at their own specific level, while also working on reading comprehension and fluency, in the instructional reading continuum.

In Part 5: Write, students work on perfecting their fine motor skills, handwriting, composition at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels, and encoding skills. Additionally, students learn to write the 5 paragraph essay, learn and master new vocabulary, and learn about the parts of speech.

Throughout all of the Lesson Plan Parts, error analysis forms the foundation for future lesson planning. Teachers use prescribed error correction techniques, and students are expected to work to mastery in each Tier, before moving on to the next.

The principles of the Orton Gillingham Approach include: explicit teaching, working to mastery at each level, a sequential and cumulative scope and sequence, a structured curriculum which teaches the structure of the English language, and the use of diagnostic teaching to inform instruction for each individual student.

The Lil' Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM Lesson Planning format provides ease in lesson planning, while upholding the principles of the Orton Gillingham Approach. All materials and options are listed on the Lesson Plan Form, making lesson planning a simple and enjoyable process. At Lil' Reading Scientists TM, we build STRONG READERS!