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About Lil' Reading Scientists

We offer in home literacy instruction in the privacy of your own home in Morris County! Our reading tutors are Certified Teachers who are trained in the Orton Gillingham Method, which is the state-of-the art methodology for students who struggle with reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and fluency.

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Programs For Students

Lil’ Reading Scientists offers a full spectrum of literacy services and programs, including free literacy screenings for students, individual IN-HOME reading tutoring, and IN-HOME Mini-Classes for your child and a friend.

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It’s Orton Gillingham!

Our Orton Gillingham Downloadable Kits!

Imagine an entire Orton Gillingham curriculum, available at your fingertips when you need it! Our OG downloads are grouped by level and skill, and can be downloaded, Level by Level, as you need them. Each OG Downloadable Kit is reasonably priced, so your OG curriculum can expand over time, as your student’s skills progress. Our Downloadable OG Kits can be used with our OG Multisensory Hard Goods materials, for a highly multisensory and developmentally appropriate OG literacy curriculum. Our OG Kits are available for all 16 Levels of our curriculum, and include: Decoding/Reading Kits, Word Building/Spelling Kits, Writing and Composition Kits, Dictation Kits, Alphabet Keyword Kits, the Lesson Planning Kit, the Assessment Tool Kit, Word Sort Kits, our decodable EASY PEASY READERS, the Alphabet Learning Kits, The Transition Reading Kit, the Flip Chart Kits, our Holiday Literacy Kits, our OG Jeopardy Game Kit, our Pre-Reading Kits, the Phonemic Awareness Kits, our Alphabet Pocket Chart Cards Kit, and the Rapid Automatic Naming Kits. Lil’ Reading Scientists’ Downloadable OG Kits make teaching OG simple and exciting!

Our Orton Gillingham Multisensory Hard Goods Materials

Learning to read should be a developmentally appropriate, multisensory experience. The Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM curriculum brings Orton Gillingham instruction down to a child’s level, by demonstrating the terms and nomenclature in a concrete manner. Our highly multisensory OG materials speak to the child’s tactile and the visual nature, by illustrating the English language in a three dimensional way. Children learn by touching, feeling, moving, seeing, and experiencing the phonology and orthography of English: the shapes of the alphabet letters, moving blocks to represent sounds heard in a word, swiping the sandpaper Phoneme Sequence Board to encode or decode, tracing the tactile alphabet letters. “Never give more to the ear than you give to the hand”……Dr. Maria Montessori

Our Orton Gillingham Teacher Support Program

Our Orton Gillingham Teacher Support Program consists of our (1) Instruction Manuals (included as digital files in the Complete Digital Curriculum Purchase, or available individually on Teachers Pay Teachers, in the Lil’ Reading Scientists Store), and our (2) Free Teacher Workshops, available individually on Teachers Pay Teachers, in the Lil’ Reading Scientists Store.

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